Welcome to the "Ancrage de l'Océan".

Take us as a starting point for your trip through Benin, or just come and take a rest from an exhausting day in the city of Cotonou.

Located in the lively yet cosy neighborhood of Fidjrossè, "Ancrage de l'Océan" is a small hotel just a ten minute walk from the sea.

Local markets,small supermarkets,restaurants and bars,hotels equipped with a swimming pool,the city centre as well as the airport are only a short distance from us.

Theatre actor turned gallery owner Edouard Coffi built this hotel right beside his private residence, thus lending it a homely atmosphere.

The six room hotel boasts a bar, a beautiful terrace and a well-kept garden, all of which make you forget the outside world and invite you to take a break after a hectic day in the city.

  • Ceiling fanned room (for 2 persons max)
    11.000 Fr CFA/per room
    (about 17,- €/ 22,- $)
  • Air-conditioned room 
    16.000 Fr CFA/per room
    (about 24,- €/32,- $)
  • A large air-conditioned double room with an extra bed
    (ideal for couples with kids)

    19.000 Fr CFA/per room
    (about 29,- €/38,- $)

We are happy to serve you a variety of European and Beninese  dishes. Nevertheless we do not serve "à la carte". Please let us know in advance if you wish to dine. Prices of the dishes vary around 4.000 Fr CFA (6,- €/ 8 $).

We also suggest a selection of wines and beers.

A large conference room and a garden is also available for bookings. Please call for prices.

Excursions / Dates

Benin is a country with lot to offer for those who look. Daytrips to places like Ouidah,Porto-Novo, Grand-Popo or Ganvié are easy to organise.

We also encourage you to visit destinations further away such as Abomey,Bohicon,Dassa in the centre of the country,Natitingou,the Tanougou waterfalls and the national park  Pendjari in the north as well as places in neighboring countries such as Togo.

Should you decide to do so, we are happy to help you organize your trip in terms of selecting a destination,find an appropriate accommodation,hire a car with a driver as well provide points of interest in those locations.

The following annual dates are not to be missed:

  • "Fête du Vaudou" which takes place mainly in Ouidah
  • March/April: End of march, beginning april:
    Fitheb (international theatre festival taking place throughout the country but mainly in Cotonou)
  • November:  Eyo Festival in Lagos/Nigeria
  • December: 15-22  Festival of black divinities in Togo
Edouard Coffi
Tel.: +229 21 300555
Mobile: +229 90 045817
+229 97 073895
Contact in Germany:
Mobile: +49 163 2087409
E-Mail: ancragedelocean@yahoo.fr